The Crazy World Of Carpentry: 15 Images Only Crazy Carpenters Will Understand

Carpenters and joiners are part of the backbone of a nation and they do not always get the credit they deserve.

They also have a great sense of humour… they have to… remember they work on building sites alongside bricklayers, plumbers, plasterers and electricians. That is enough to send you batty if you were unable to have a laugh.

I personally identify with this post as I originally left school and trained as a carpenter spending 23 years in the woodworking industry so these pictures make me chuckle a lot.

Click on the nav buttons to scroll through these funny carpentry related images and treat yourself to a chuckle or two.

funny carpentry 1

Yes… I have shot a nail into my finger, splinters… there are always a lot of splinters… and back ache, yes a lot of back ache… not forgetting the knees either… there is a lot of knee pain from spending a lot of time on the knees.


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