Are These The Most Dangerous And Crazy School Commutes Ever?!

The next time the kids turn up late for school or maybe don’t even make it in because the car has broke down or the bus is not running maybe you should show them this post! This is all about some of the great lengths some children have to go to get to school.

These children realise that it is a privilege to have an institute of learning and they are fortunate to be able to attend. So, they make sure they do.

Check out these 10 remarkable journeys and quite crazy school commutes….

1. Guizhou Province, China

These children take quite an adventure each day from their village of Genguan. The walk is practically along a cliff face as the path is only half a meter wide. Because of this they have to walk single file but there is some assurance for the parents as the Headteacher of the school comes on the journey with them.

The school, Banpo Elementary is situated half way up the mountain. There is a safer route but this would mean a two hour trek each day so they would rather gamble the mountain walk!

china walk 1

china walk 2



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