This Is IMPRESSIVE. Teacher Wears Same Clothes For 40 Years Of School Year Book Photos. Coolest Prank EVER!

This is pretty damn awesome…. hats of to the teacher Mr Dale Irby for this.

The amount of effort and determination he has put in to making this happen is incredible.

Mr. Dale Irby who is the first teacher to wear the same outfit for 40 years for every yearbook photo shoot.

Although he started this tradition by accident he decided to stick to it for a few more years. In fact Mr Irby didn’t stop…ever!

He has not disappointed us, for 40 years he has stuck to the same style haircut and ‘tash (apart from the first year without a ‘tash) and he has worn the same or damn near identical items of clothing.

1973-2012 – So here we have a collage of his famous photo shoots over the years. See the transformation from youth to old age, but yes attire remains exactly the same. Enjoy…


…Oh and keep scrolling down as there is a fun movie version of this story… yes, I did say movie version!
1973-74 – And the saga begins…


1975-76 Amazing capture!


 1977- 78 – Expression changes, cloths don’t.


1979-80 – And it goes on.


1981-82 – He became graceful with age and same goes for its attire too!


1983-84 – Simply awesome!


1985-86 – Look at this; I mean he really carried off so well.yearbook-pictures-08

1987-88 “Fantastic” in one word.


1989-90  Every photograph appears vibrant.yearbook-pictures-10

1991-92 Energy is same, no matter what you wear.


1993-94 – I am proud of what I am.

1995-96 – Sorry can’t change for anybody.

1997-98 And I continue to do so…


1999-2000 – Old is Gold, this is aptly reflected here.


2001-02 I am just speechless.


2003-04 – Simply ‘Wow’!

2005-06 – If fashion experts look at this, they will surely award him.


2007-08 – And still he turns up in the same clothes


2009-10 – Well done… nearly there!


2011-12 – And here it ends finally!


A big thank you to whoever noticed these pictures and collected them together and share them with the world for us all to see and an even bigger thank you to the teacher Mr Dale Irby who had the incredible idea and discipline to stick with wearing the same clothes for every year book photo shoot.

Dale Irby… we salute you.

Below is an interesting fun take on this story…  This is what the Dale Irby story would look like if Hollywood made it into a movie… I am more than certain that it wasn’t this dramatic in real life though! 🙂

The Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit for 40 Years – THE MOVIE

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