Would You Like A Wonderful Dream Forest Cabin Costing Only $4000 To Build? I Do!

This is an incredible story and we love it.

For those of you who want to go off grid you will most definitely love it.

After taking time out and hiking along the whole Appalachian Trail carpenter Dave Herrle of Westbrook, Connecticut decided that he needed a complete change of lifestyle.

Before then he had been working in an office doing a job he did not enjoy and just simply wanted to escape.

Fortunately he had a wife who had similar ideas and values and the decision was made to build their very own forest retreat.

What is really amazing is the fact that it only took 6 weeks to make at a cost of only $4000.

I am not sure what the cost was for the land but the build was kept to $4000 as they used recycled materials as much as they could.

4000 forest hut 1

4000 forest hut 2

4000 forest hut 3

4000 forest hut 4


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