Incredible! A Lebanese Man Spends 4 Years Carving His Dream Car Out Of Foam! It Looks Amazing!

Who wouldn’t want a sports racing supercar worth hundreds of thousands?

Not everyone one can afford to buy one, can you? I can’t.

Neither could David Frem in the Lebanon, so he decided to set about making his own.

Taking a car and first creating a metal frame he then layered it with special foam putty then set about carving it and sanding it down with sandpaper until he had his very own home made sports racing supercar.

It took David 4 years and $90,000 to create this stunning beast of a machine.

Here are the incredible images of his car being developed and road tested.

There are 18 incredible images and a video for you to marvel at. This really is one incredible story!

The car with the un carved foam shell.

home made foam supercar 1

the carving and sanding begins.

home made foam supercar 2

The polishing finished.

home made foam supercar 3

With the foam cured and the polishing done it is time to apply the first coat of sealer.

home made foam supercar 4

First coats applied and the car is taking shape.

home made foam supercar 5


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