Dead Soldiers Camera Lost Since 1944 Finally Gives Up Its Secrets. Amazing Pictures!

This is a must see and incredible story of a soldier’s camera that laid buried in a foxhole since 1944.

Unfortunately the American soldier Technician Fifth Grade Louis J. Archambeau died in The Battle of the Bulge.

But incredibly  after 70 years in the foxhole his camera was found and the film was developed showing some of the last things he saw.

The camera was found by Captain Mark D. Anderson of the US Navy and war historian Jean Muller who were searching the mountain area of Luxembourg for artefacts and remnants from the famous battle.

They were using a metal detector when it beeped alerting them to something buried underfoot.

Below Anderson and Muller was a foxhole, foxholes were dug by the soldiers during the battle to protect them and were crucial.

Often the fighting was that fast and intense, soldiers had to move and leave their foxholes with many of them leaving behind valuable items.

In this foxhole one of the items was a camera that amazingly still had the role of film in it. After 70 years underground you would imagine it would have perished but they were able to get the film developed and find these incredible pictures.

This dead soldier’s story was brought to life and you can see in the pictures below what T/5 Louis J. Archambeau’ssaw before he died.

1) Troops marching through the snow.


2) Several young faces of Archambeau’s band of brothers. No idea who survived or not out of these guys 🙁


3) A soldier sits and smokes a pipe manning a machine gun during a quiet moment.


4) Soldiers in the snow and trees possibly talking over a map.


5) Soldiers line the road as military trucks either drive by or are picking the men up.


6) The camera once owned by Louis J. Archambeau’s and the area it was found.


The famous Battle of the Bulge was an important battle for the Allies. The German’s decision to attack the Americans resulted in them losing a lot of men and resources and helped move the Allies further into Europe.

Unfortunately it also resulted in the American’s suffering more casualties than any other battle during World War II.

The battle lasted around 5 weeks between December 16 1944 to January 25 1945 and was responsible for the deaths of around 19,000 American troops. You can learn more about this incredible yet frightening battle watching the documentary below.

Battle of the Bulge : Documentary on the Bitter Fighting of the Battle of the Bulge   

They will not be forgotten and all we can say at Cools & Fools is thank you and to Louis J. Archambeau’s and his fellow fallen comrades. Rest In Peace.

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