The Amazing Story of The Dog Who Adopted The Baby Chimp. You Will Love This….

We are a bunch of softies here really at Camp Cools – and this post comes straight out of the ‘aaaahhhhh’ box.

This is the story of the Bull Mastiff that adopted baby chimp “Mango”. The story has it that Mango’s mother sadly died after giving birth.

This took place in a Russian zoo and one of the zoo keepers took on the chimp to take care of it until it was old enough to go back and fend for itself.

But when the zoo keeper took Mango home for the first time the owners giant Bull Mastiff had different ideas. You see, she had not long become a mother too, she had just given birth to several pups and the maternal extincts took over.

She literally took on the chimp as one  of hers, and the two became inseparable. Mango also loves his new found Brothers and Sisters and they all play together.

Check out the heartwarming pictures below.






Check out the rest of the story with more sensational pictures on the next page….


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