Epic Trick Shot Battle! Dude Perfect VS Brodie

This is simply insane. It does not matter what background you are from, what age you are, what sex you are, where you live, what you do, what language you speak – you will appreciate the skills in this video. They are simply amazing!

Here we have a couple of dudes from the US who are big on trick shots, but with a difference. The term trick shot used to be associated with pool or snooker really, but these guys prefer to use a basketball and a Frisbee.

In this video there are a series of challenges each increasing with difficulty as they go on, but literally after a few shots the standard is through the roof!

All I can say is it must have taken many shots and editing to get this video looking like this…!

Look out for the “no-look” effort from 3-Time National Champion Brodie from a quite ridiculous range with his Frisbee!

Truly unbelievable stuff!

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