E.T. Regrets Phoning Home After Being Stung With High Roaming Charges

An Extra-terrestrial affectionately known as E.T. which spends most of its holidays in the USA decided to spend a couple of weeks touring around Europe.

The lovable alien was having such a good time taking in the wonderful tourist sights Paris, Rome, Amsterdam etc he wanted to share his trip with his family back home.

Not happy with just sharing pictures and videos on Facebook the little Gail Platt lookalike call his mother on numerous occasions.

Regaling tales of what he had seen and done, E.T. and his family spoke happily for hours.

The dream vacation came to an abrupt halt when E.T. received a text message from his mobile phone company Intel-Galactica stating that he had exceeded his data allowance and had racked up a bill of $38,000 in roaming charges.

The poor alien rang our offices straight away in despair, probably hoping we would stump up $38,000 to do an exclusive interview with a real live alien.

“I can’t afford to pay that.” He said. “Why wasn’t this put in the small print of the contract. I thought I would be ok. My people have been coming to this planet for years… it should be on the approved list.”

Once we confirmed that we would not be paying for an interview he hung up. He was last seen turning tricks in Amsterdam’s red light district working alongside Romanian and Bulgarian women.

His speciality is a red hot finger tip up the bum hole for €30.

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