Who Or How Were Earth’s Ancient Structures Built? Ancient Aliens or Forgotten Technology? … Or Both?

Exactly how were the great pyramids in Egypt and Mexico built?

How were the famous Inca & Mayan stones squashed into each other?

How was the great stones of Stonehenge placed high on top of each other?

These questions and many more have fascinated people for centuries. Not only are they structures which were built during periods where technology was supposed to be very basic but the more we learn about them the more they baffle us.

For example, the Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt are thought to be older than what we are being told. Geologists say that weathering patterns on the Sphinx show rain damage which puts the building date of the Sphinx well past the date of the Egyptians we are lead to believe were responsible for building it.

The pyramids themselves hold many mysteries, much of it appears as scientific code. The layout of the pyramids in Giza are an exact copy of the stars in the Orion’s Belt constellation. Spread out over miles of Egypt’s land the smaller pyramids also line up with the stars of the same constellation. Is Egypt a star map of where our ancestors came from?

More interesting is the coordinates of the pyramids at Giza in Egypt . Their coordinates are 29.9792458 degrees North and what is the speed of light in a vacuum? 299.792,458 metres per second. Coincidence or planned as a message to modern man?

However it should be mentioned that modern latitude is set so that the prime meridian goes through Greenwich England which did not exist at the time the pyramids were built so whatever system they would have used would not have been this one… unless… they were time travellers and knew what system would be in place several thousand years later. Now that would blow the socks of modern man if that were true!

The pyramids are also mentioned on an ancient Sumerian tablet. The Sumerians were in Egypt thousands of years before the ancient Egyptians who are believed to be responsible for building them. This ages them thousands of years more than what is publicly believed.

The Great pyramid hasn’t dropped more than a feet yet the weight of the structure is immense. Modern skyscrapers are designed to drop more once built. The blocks of stone that the pyramids are made from are huge and weigh so much that even modern cranes would struggle to move them. As far as we know there were no modern cranes around.

Portuguese Navy Study Huge Extra-terrestrial Pyramid found Under The Sea. Possibly Atlantis?

So how were they built? How were the big stones of Stonehenge lifted? Were there aliens involved in the construction? Was alien technology used? Was there an Atlantis type super race of ancient humans building these structures or did basic man know more about physics than we believe.

The Mayans, Egyptians and Incas are all supposed to have cosmology knowledge and understanding which far surpassed that of which we believe they should have so did they have a better understanding of quantum physics and the little known vibrational physics than we first thought?

The reason I say vibrational physics is that there is a story of a Swedish dr who went to Tibet in 1939 to visit the Dalai Lama. It is said that while he was there the monks were building a high wall using heavy stones. The story goes that he observed the monks lifting up the heavy stones by levitating them using sound.

The monks set up drums and horns in an arc shape a certain distance away from the stones and then began to make sounds which lifted up the heavy stones and they were then pushed into place. Meditation and Eastern philosophies put a lot of emphasis on sound. Especially the Ohm sound which is the Universal vibration rate sound.

Did our forefathers know something that we are just beginning to understand? Was this kept a secret from us?

The Swedish doctor apparently recorded this on film but the film was confiscated from him by British authorities and never seen again. Funny that?

We know about the law of attraction, things which vibrate with the same or similar frequency are drawn to each other like magnets. We have seen what some metals do when they are near magnets but everything has a vibration and a specific rate so that means that everything can be lifted up like a magnet if you hit the right frequency.

Acoustic Levitation in Egypt – Ancient High Technology

Alien abductees talk about being lifted up out of houses. Do aliens know something about acoustic levitation or vibrational physics? Did they give that knowledge to us years ago and has been kept secret by those in the know or did ancient man know about it but it somehow got forgotten about? Maybe it was lost when modern style governments were formed and knew that there would be no profit or tax in construction if everyone had access to this knowledge.

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Another puzzling ancient mystery is the stone walls in south and central America. They have been cut and shaped to fit so tight and snug that even to this day people cannot slide pieces of paper between them.

They are also oddly shaped which is interesting. What people do not know is that how they were carved and made. There have been stories and theories that say that the Ancient Mayan and Incan builders were able to soften the stones and mold them into position.

Megalithic Softening of Stone Part 1

A very old story spoke about how an explorer discovered that a  mixture made from plants which were found in central America would somehow soften the stone which was then pushed and molded into shape. How true this is no one knows.

What is interesting is that there are very little scratch and tooling marks to see. We do have thousands of years of weathering so the smallest marks might have been eroded but the stone work across central and south America is pretty impressive.

Maybe the stone was an ancient version of concrete and were molded and fashioned into shapes. This is another theory being put forward today.

What do you think? Were our ancestors smarter than we give them credit for using technology we no longer use or were these impressive structures built by or with the help of Ancient Aliens?

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