The First 4 Photos Look Fairly Ordinary…..Then The 5th Literally Blew My MIND! Unbelievable!

Meet Eloy Morales, a painter who spends most of his time in his homeland Spain. He is very well known around his circles, but perhaps not so among the everyday art enthusiasts. What you are about to see in this post will literally blow your head off. The first time I saw this I simply did not believe it, and had to re-look several times.

After you have seen the whole post you will see what I mean. This is a guy who mainly works with oils, something I was very interested in when I was younger.

He does not just translate photographs, but he rather acts out a sense of real living and moods. Every viewer can feel that they are part of the process. Although, as you are about to find out – things may not always seem the way they appear.

Dig a bit deeper and we may just discover something truly magical.

On the surface, nothing extraordinary here. Just some guy with some face paint on.

Amazing Art bloke

Here is another one, except this time just in blue. So what?…

art face paint

Getting a bit more weird now, covering his whole face in like a skin colour paint. Odd….?

Art painting of face

Now going for the panda look.

impressive art

Oh wait! What is that? Yes, all of the above images are PAINTINGS of himself with the paint on. Truly amazing, the level of detail is quite remarkable. The fist time I saw this, and come on you must have too I genuinely believed I was just looking at some guy with random face paint on himself!

what he paints them

phenominal art

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Source: SfTimes

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