Emperor Palpatine Makes Trump And Johnson Honoury Sith Lords Of The Evil Empire

Emperor Palpatine, the chief Sith Lord and head honcho of the evil Empire which runs most of the known galaxy has made both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson honoury Sith Lords and members of the Empire.

The decision was made after Emperor Palpatine observed their behaviour after coming to Earth for a two week vacation.

Emperor Palpatine was so impressed with their destructive behaviour and the suffering they were inflicting upon their own people that he felt he needed them on his team.

What impressed him the most was how they managed to persuade large swaths of the public to vote for them even though their policies were causing suffering, division, deaths of innocent people and stealing their freedoms.

“That one skill alone is incredibly powerful and can expand the Empire faster than sending in battalions of drones and clones.” Said Emperor Palpatine at the inauguration ceremony held in the grand hall of the newly rebuilt Death Star.

The inauguration of Trump and Johnson into the Sith means that Britain and the USA are now under the control of Emperor Palpatine and the Empire making them a greater threat to peace on earth than Iran, Russia, North Korea, Al Qaeda and IS.


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