These Photos Are Mind Blowing. I Still Can’t Believe Them When I Look At Them

Today’s post is an incredible collection of modified photographs from Swedish photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson. His collection is one of the craziest and funkiest collections we have seen in a long time.

His inspiration, he says, comes from growing up with a grandmother who painted and he himself loved to get lost in video game fantasy worlds so it was natural for him to merge the two together in an imaginative and creative way using computers to create incredible images that no camera could take.

Below are some of his mind blowing creations from his collection:

Cut & Fold – Cut along the dotted line.

image 1

Erik Johansson

Drifting Away – A safe place, drifting away.

image 2

Erik Johansson

Electric guitar.

image 3

Erik Johansson

Expecting winter – Where seasons meet.

image 4

Erik Johansson

Snow cover.

image 5

Erik Johansson

Big laundry day.

image 6

Erik Johansson

Work at sea.

image 7

Erik Johansson

Breaking up – Breaking up, drifting apart.

image 8

Erik Johansson

Groundbreaking – Let’s go on a field trip.

image 9

Erik Johansson

Lazy dog.

image 10

Erik Johansson

Set them free – Do the right thing, set them free!

image 11

Erik Johansson

Arms break, vases don’t.

image 12

Erik Johansson

Roadworker’s coffee break.

image 13

Erik Johansson

Penrose LEGO.

image 14

Erik Johansson

Fishy island.

image 15

Erik Johansson

Revolving theory.

image 16

Erik Johansson

Common sense crossing.

image 17

Erik Johansson

Face vs. Fist.

image 18

Erik Johansson

Go your own road.

image 19

Erik Johansson

Aqua Custodia.

image 20

Erik Johansson

A painting too real.

image 21

Erik Johansson

End of Line – The very last stop, the end of line.

image 22

Erik Johansson

Iron man.

image 23

Erik Johansson

If that didn’t blow your mind, nothing will.

Source: Erik Johansson Photography / Join Erik On Facebook

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