Exclusive! Alien Abduction Reports Plummet in the UK Since The Brexit Referendum

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, reports of alien abductions have plummeted to an all-time low.

Sources believe that aliens are no longer visiting the UK because they believe the population to be too thick to abduct and observe.

Abducting the average Brit would not give them much to learn from in the way of intelligence or logic.

It is believed that the aliens are visiting Earth and observing us and our cultures but since the UK decided it no longer wanted to be part of a growing peaceful Union with other nations, they have stopped abducting a large proportion of the British population.

It is unclear whether it is down to the fact that they they now think that great swathes of the British population are too stupid to abduct or whether it is that the current climate in Britain is quite hostile to immigrants and aliens.

Ufologist and researchers have claimed that the aliens have been visiting here for many years observing us.

They believe that the aliens are a much older species and are watching us evolve into one large loving and peaceful global family. Like parents watching their children grow and develop into good adults.

But it seems that recently since the referendum to leave the European Union, alien beings have lost interest in observing the British public.

But it’s not just in the UK where alien abduction reports have plummeted. There has been a huge drop in alien abduction reportings and UFO sightings in the USA.

Since Donald Trump became President and the growing anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, Paramilitary groups like the Ku Klux Klan, alien abductions in the USA have also dropped.

It would appear that the aliens have also lost interest in the US population too.

Professor and Ufologist Dr. T. Infoil-Hat told us “It seems that the peopleof the UK and the USA are going through a period of dumbing down at the moment.”

“As a species it would appear that many parts of the world are going backwards instead of evolving forward into a global family where we realise we are in fact just one species of people living on one planet.”

“Which is what you would expect from an intelligent species living on a planet. I guess the aliens are frustrated with us and giving up on us… and who can blame them!”

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