Extreme Fish Art. No Words Can Describe This. Just Take A Look….

This is literally insane. If you mentioned this to your comrades at your local bar it would literally be branded the ramblings of a madman. Or, maybe we are just not open enough to “art” these days. Now at first glance when I read about and saw what Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard (yes, a double-double barreled name) does I thought there can only be one place for her.


But – when I took a look and stripped my naivety away what I saw was actually really neat, bizarre and very unique.

Art that you can eat!

You may remember the post we done on Landscapes You Could Actually Eat well this is very similar only she only uses one type of food source. Fish.

You see she didn’t really grow up like a normal child, and we mean this in the most respectful way. But instead of playing with dolls she developed a rather obsessed interest in animals, either living or dead.

It all started with rats – her mother had made her dolls clothes which were obviously intended for the dolls but Anne-Catherine had other ideas and dressed the rats up in the clothes. Maybe she was onto something here, but I have not been in a pet shop yet which does a range of rat clothing.

Anyway as she grew she took an apprenticeship in fishing and this is where she started using fish to make her dolls. The rest is history. Check out these rather weird, freaky yet strangely good pieces of “fish art”.










Pretty crazy isn’t it? Originally found on Amusing Planet

Pass it on….

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