Totally Cool Or Seriously Fool? Are These The 10 Most Extreme Selfies Ever Taken?

Selfies are a  modern craze and phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and appears to be here for good. It now has the word ‘selfie’ recognised as an official word and appears in the official English dictionaries.

With mobile smart phones coming with high quality digital cameras it seems that everyone is carrying a camera and every situation is now a ‘selfie’ opportunity. Anywhere and everywhere is now a photo opportunity including those extreme situations and hard to reach places.

It has now become a challenge to outdo people and take the best most risky and outrageous ‘selfie’ even if doing so it potentially life threatening as these ten incredible images show. These are the most extreme ‘selfies’ ever but what is even more incredible is how jaw dropping wonderful they really are.

1. “Look Mum No Hands & No Safety Harness”

When climbing along the treacherous Mount Hua’s 70,066 foot high mountain side gang way to the little tea house which used to be a Daoist temple in China it makes perfect sense to stop, take out your camera and take a ‘selfie’ while not holding on to anything!!

extreme selfies 10

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