16 Facebook Status Fails. Did People Actually Mean What They Wrote?

Are these the 16 worst Facebook status updates and fails ever?

We know that a hell of a lot of people do not know the right or wrong usage for words like ‘our-are’ ‘your-you’re’ ‘there-their’ ‘know-no’ and many more.

Facebook is highlighting how bad people’s use of the English language really is but not just that, it appears society has also become a lot more dumb at knowing even the basic general knowledge stuff and have forgotten even how to search.

Not sure what you want to say? Then do a Google search, it is very easy.

You can soon check spellings… but then again most people do not realise that what they are spelling is wrong so why would they do a search?

And besides if they did all correct their spellings and double check their status updates we would not be able to enjoy the replies from their friends or be able to list them in articles like this one!

My favourite has to be the reply to no 12… and the Marilyn Monroe quote is pretty funny too.

Here are 16 of probably the worst FB statuses know to man,scroll through and enjoy them and remember, see any you like then please share.

1) Oh dear lord… so we are ‘on jell’ because we didn’t name our little man PUNCHED!?!?!

facebook status 1


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