What’s This? Is This House Floating On The Sea? An Incredible Holiday Home You Will WANT To Spend A Weekend In.

Are you planning to stay in Australia? If so then we have the best rental house for you. It is unique in itself because unlike any other house it is a floating house on the ocean.

Isn’t it incredible? It looks stunning floating on the clear blue sea!

Let us explore this beautiful house as we move through it with these photographs. Come and take a look!

rsz_floatinghouse1 This house is not actually floating on the ocean.


This awesome house is named the Pole House. It is designed by F2 Architecture and located along the Great Ocean Road in Fairhaven.


One of the interesting facts of this incredible house is that it is elevated 131 feet above the beautiful beach.


See what we found, a floating fireplace.


This beautiful house reflects grandeur in the form of the most fine, luxurious and contemporary décor. Special credit goes for the perfect floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls.


Look at the breathtaking view. Rooms are designed in such a way that whenever you wake up, soothing ocean breeze and spellbound coastal view will make your every morning a very ‘Good Morning!’


You will be amazed to know this rental house has a private beach for you and your guests for those quick getaways!


These breathtaking views will make each day a perfect holiday in itself, you wouldn’t want them to end.


I don’t know about you but I WANT THIS HOUSE!

rsz_floatinghouse13 (1)

This Unbelievable House In Australia Seems To Float Above The Sea

This exceptionally beautiful house is available for rent and you can have plenty of much needed peace, calm and serenity from your hectic life.

The rental per night is $440-$1200.

It is an ideal destination for two, unfortunately pets or children are strictly not allowed.

So if you want to spend your dream vacation here, then visit the Pole House page here at  www.viewretreats.com

cliff house

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