Would You Like To Spend A Night In This Luxurious Floating House on The River Thames?

Experiencing something unique once in a lifetime is aspired by everyone. Whether it’s setting out for adventurous expeditions, exploring the remotest corners of the world or even spending a night in a floating house. If you are among those who would like to experience something so exciting like a floating house, then we have good news for you!

AirBNB came up with this innovative idea by offering a one night stay at a floating house as a part of their promotional campaign giving users a wonderful experience altogether. This floating house is very spacious and comes with all the basic amenities.

It has two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and a garden including a kennel and wisteria. So this is really convenient for those who have pets and can take them without any worries. It will be floating along the River Thames in London, UK

This actually sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?


Nick and Steve Tidball, the twin brothers working for TBWA advertising agency, are the designers of this amazing floating house. Airbnb told the designers that the house should be able to give a breathtaking and interesting view of the entire city. Its typical standalone design was inspired from the ‘elegant’ houses of Primerose Hill and Hampstead invoking an elegant and traditional feel for its resident.

A perfect dream house!2

I just love with décor!


They use vibrant colours!6

One of the interesting features of this house is that from the outside it appears to have two floors. This illusion was created by using 6 steel shipping containers embedded in a wooden structure. This structure was built onto a uni-float pontoon often used for cranes as a floating base for the house.   7


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