These Are Probably The 10 Funniest Things You Will See All Day!

We all love a chuckle and well after a pretty hard and serious week I certainly need a giggle for the start of the weekend.

After doing a lot of trawling through Google + I found a lot of great Gif images and so decided to share 10 of the funniest here with you.

I am sure you have had a hard week to and you need a good chuckle too.

Am I right? Am I right? Yes I thought so.

Well scroll through these 10 fantastically funny gifs and have a few chuckles with your coffee. 🙂

1). Feeling the air in my hair…. my mouth and my teeth!


2). The US military test out their new system of deploying half naked troops over seas fast.

14 - 1 (6)

3). What happens when you cross trampoline-ing skills with basket ball skills? Fuck all that’s what!

28-05-14 - 1 (2)

4). Ahhhhh the ever so funny ‘You had your chair whipped away and so I shall laugh at you as you hit the floor… oh shit’ double bluff set up!


5). ‘Don’t you worry Bob, we shall have you out of there in no time….. Fuck! is that the time? I must dash!’

2014 - 1


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