What Is That? Is That A Man’s Face Coming Out Of The Wall? Why Yes It Is!

As you will know by now, we at Cools And Fools love a bit of street art and often the most unique and the most random is the best kind.

Today we want to highlight the crazy unique and random street art by Gregos.

Gregos is the French born street artist behind these strange faces that seem to be appearing all over Europe.

Born in Paris, Gregos has become one of the local street artists whose work can be found all over the city.

He started out as a graffiti writer in the late 80s and has since moved on to 3D sculpture art.

He is self-taught and the faces that you see in the images below are of himself.

He creates faces of different sizes, pulling different poses which are all decorated differently and then using strong glue from a tube and gun he sticks them to random places.

There are now over 500 faces in many cities across the world with the majority in his home city of Paris.

Gregos Art 1

Gregos Art 2

Gregos Art 3

Gregos Art 4

Gregos Art 5

Gregos Art 6

Gregos Art 7

Gregos Art 8

Gregos Art 9

Gregos Art 10

Gregos Art 11

Gregos Art 12

Gregos Art 13

Gregos Art 14

Gregos Art 15

Gregos Art 16

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Original Source: Grekos Art

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