The Incredibly Eerie Japanese Ghost Island Of Hashima. You Won’t Believe These Pictures

We at Cools And Fools love all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff and nothing gets weirder than a whole abandoned island.

Look at these incredible images and learn more about this incredible place.

Hashima is an abandoned island about an hour away from Nagasaki port in Japan. It is also known as Gunkajima meaning Battleship Island due to its boat shape.

In 1890 Mitsubishi bought the island to use it as their base for their underwater coal mining operations. They built Japans first concrete building in 1917 standing 9 stories high to house the workers.

It soon became the most densely populates place on earth with a population over 5,200 equating to approximately 83,500 people per square kilometre.

Hundreds or thousands of the prisoners died to to the poor living conditions and coal mining accidents. Eventually, captives were freed in 1945 when the atomic bomb shook the windows of the island’s apartment blocks.





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