Have You Been Told That There Can Be No Sound In Space? Well, Think Again. This Is Incredible.

Despite all the theories and evidence that you may have heard before about sounds in space, think again.

We used to get told that because of the vacuum that is the universe, if you were to scream in space you could not hear a thing, let alone anyone else.

Well, these NASA probes have proved those theories as hogwash – well, sort off. There are no “sounds” that we can hear, but that does not mean that there are no waves that pulsate just like any other soundwave.

There are electromagnetic waves and they do pulsate at the same wavelength as waves that we CAN in fact hear.

So, to justify the billions of dollars spent on the space program the top science guys and gals thought they would make some noises with all the wave data they recorded and turn them into sounds.

The video below is an amazing collection of just that.

For me, it sounds like the music score from a horror film!!

Great stuff.

[youtube id=”-MmWeZHsQzs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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