Ever Felt Conned? Hollywood Movies: The Truth! Before And After Shots.

We all love a good movie but when you are really engrossed in the film how much of what you are seeing is actually real?

We watch a lot of TV and film each week but very few of us actually realise how much of it is filmed live and what is made up.

The reason for that is that the film & TV producers, directors along with the CIG artists create stunning effects that look unquestionably real but as these pictures will show you even some of the smaller details that you expect to be real are actually made up too.

We have also added a short video showing you how the incredible film The Avengers was made, the effects are stunningly amazing.

What you see is a huge battle seen on the streets of a big city, that isn’t really the case.

You would never have guessed that the actors were stood in a huge empty hanger with a green screen and very little else.

Trust me, you be amazed at how little is actually filmed on location with real stuff these days!

Real: A seaside deck with a green screen and boom mic.

films before and after 1


Film: Chatting on the deck of a huge cruise liner.

films before and after 2


Real: Riding a horse in a car park next to a railway line.

films before and after 3


Film: Riding a horse down an abandoned motorway towards a city in an apocalyptic world.

films before and after 4


The Avengers Featurette – Industrial Light & Magic (2012) – Joss Whedon Movie 

[youtube id=”Ji3IDa0sewk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Real: Playing football on a pitch in front of a green screen in a rural location

films before and after 5


Film: Playing football in a huge fan filled stadium.

films before and after 6


Real: A set of gates and gate house leading up to a private house via a tree lined drive.

films before and after 7


film: A set of gates and gate house leading to a mansion in a different area of the country.

films before and after 8


Real: A street with green screens, a few poles with people sitting and eating at benches.

films before and after 9


Film: People sat eating at the benches outside of a street food restaurant.

films before and after 10


Real: An actor asking a female actor a few questions in front of a green screen.

films before and after 11


Film:  News reporter asking a reluctant woman a few questions on a busy city street.

films before and after 12


Real: A car park with a giant green screen, a helicopter shell, some stuff and an actor.

films before and after 13


Film: A lone survivor walking around an abandoned temporary military base filled with abandoned equipment and vehicles.

films before and after 14


So there you go, even the simple street shots you expected to be real are often made up. This surprised me, I thought the CGI was for the bigger stuff as seen in the short Avengers film but no, even street views are modified and made up.

Goes to show you certainly cannot believe anything you see in the movies!

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Source: YouTube & Imgur.

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