Want To Travel The World On The Cheap? Why Not Copy What This Guy Did To His Van? Brilliant!


These days we immerse ourselves so much into our crazy schedules that it is taking a toll on our lives.

So for that much needed calmness a stress relief, travelling is considered to be most suitable option.

Our dream trip can be more colorful if we have an awesome car ride and every second becomes a memory to cherish.

But did you know that everyday trucks can be used for travelling as well?

Pick up trucks can accommodate us along with our ‘stuff’.

However your journey can be incredible and cheap if you turn a pick up truck into a camper van!

Seems unrealistic? Well this can be done actually with just little effort. So scroll down to see how to make a camper van from a pick up truck.

To achieve this new look, first we have to take a welded frame which will be similar to one shown below in this picture, one that will suit the truck.


 Now with the help of plywood boards a structure of two-by-four will be created for its durability and strength.


After giving the finishing touch to the exterior, it is time to concentrate on the interior for an elegant and luxurious feel.


If you want comfort and warmth then insulation is a ‘must have’ in your camper van.


Make the exterior of the camper van more attractive with a dash of your favorite colour and trust us you will be mesmerized to see it after the coating is complete.


Now it’s time to make your pick up truck ready installation.


Look at this one. Here you will find racks to take your ‘mini’ wardrobe with you. So don’t worry if you have more than one pair of jeans or shoes to carry with you as this camper van will not let you down!


Yes, we can understand how excited you are but do take a quick look of the necessary things before you set out for your dream destination.


Are you feeling sleepy? Then this wonderful camper van has a nice cozy bed for when you need to take a short nap on that trip with perfect ambiance for an exhilarating journey. Awesome it is!


If you want to carry your little world on the go, then these under bed storage units are just ideal for that much needed space. Mind-blowing!


And foodies your journey will be incomplete if you don’t have proper food storage with you like this small fully working fridge. So don’t forget to carry your favorite snacks.


Ready- steady, here we go!


So hard work finally pays off and you could have a similar vehicle to this unique truck cum camper van to explore those unknown paths waiting just for you!

Are you ready?

Source- wonderfulengineering.com

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