The Incredible Blue Lava Flows Of Ijen… Wait What? Blue Lava?

If you asked to define lava in one word what it would be? Any guesses? Well I think you will imagine a fiery, hot, molten liquid with red and orange hue from interior cracks and crevasses of the earth.

You will be amazed to see that a famous photographer Mr. Reuben-Wu captured this unrealistic ‘blue lava’. He explored this majestic spot on his way to the Ijen volcano in Indonesia.

This Blue Lava also known as ‘Blue Fire Crater’ emits molten sulfur which is blue sapphire in color.

This is just ‘awesome’, isn’t it?



However, the road to this heavenly destination is not that easy as it seems to be. It will take you almost two-hours and 45 minutes of trekking to reach the crater which emits an ‘unusual hue’.

This trek comes with a serious warning though: The temperature within the crater is more than 1000 degrees, so be careful before taking any such adventurous plunge!

And the view is just ‘mesmerizing’!



Among all the places releasing blue lava, Ijen crater is considered to be the largest one which makes it an interesting site for visitors coming from the different parts of the world.

Wu was one of those fortunate visitors who found the scenic beauty of this lava as his ‘perfect moment’ to be captured for a lifetime. And he did this by staying late, under the moonlit sky to freeze the ‘brilliant sapphire hue’.

If heaven is somewhere on Earth then this is it! It is this!



Can you believe this lava can rise up to sixteen feet into the air?



I am in love with this place, what about you?



And this exhilarating journey doesn’t ends here; we have more to show you!



Meet Bromo, Batuk, and Semeru mountains!

They were also captured by Wu during his trip. They are just an hour away from Ijen. You can also go through Wu’s incredible images by following his website and Instagram.  You will definitely enjoy snaps of his trip to Indonesia on his Behance page.


Would you like to visit this place?

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