Is Malaysian Flight MH370 Another “Lady Be Good?” – To Be Found 15 Years Later!?

Our hearts and prayers go out to all involved and the families of the missing of flight MH370 which mysteriously “disappeared” on the 8th March 2014. Many theories have risen since then as to the whereabouts of the aircraft. Some rather bogus naive theories, some with interesting points.

The fact that it simply vanished off radar is the most baffling one. You see, planes don’t just disappear do they? Some people are saying a missile attack took it out of the sky, well in my time on the planet I have never known a weapon so powerful that it can literally vaporize an object into such tiny fragments that no parts or pieces are recovered. At the time of writing this nothing has been found of the aircraft, nothing.

So, it has to have kept flying then surely? This would not be such a bogus claim. Compare it too an aircraft that on its maiden flight during WWII – the “Lady Be Good” as it was named.

She lost her bearings on the way back from a bombing raid due to unknown reasons, veered off course and ended up making an emergency landing in the Libyan desert in 1943. This was the last known record of the aircraft. Despite many extensive searches the plane was never found during the rest of the War and for the few years that followed. The official report of what happened went like this:

“The aircraft flew on a 150 degree course toward Benina Airfield (Libya).   The craft radioed for a directional reading from the HF/DF (high frequency/direction finding) station at Benina and received a reading of 330 degrees from Benina.  The actions of the pilot in flying 440 miles into the desert, however, indicate the navigator probably took a reciprocal reading off the back of the radio directional loop antenna from a position beyond and south of Benina but ‘on course’.   The pilot few into the desert, thinking he was still over the Mediterranean and on his way to Benina.”

Then one day in May 1958 – Fifteen years later a British survey plane was flying over doing oil checks and they spotted the wreckage.

Lady be good




The condition of the plane was in such good order that when one of the members of the discovery team pulled the trigger on one of the 50 caliber machine guns it fired effortlessly. The bodies of eight of the nine crew were found, the ninth has never been found.



So, has MH370 veered of course? or has it been deliberately taken off course? There are too many components of an aircraft designed as buoyancy aids nowadays. You know that safety message you ignore each time you take a flight? Next time listen out for what your seat can be used as in the event of an emergency landing at sea. A float, yes.

We can only hope that it has landed safety, wherever in the world that may be….


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