It Looks Like A Normal Box-Standard Caravan. But this Is Mind Blowingly Different. Come And Take A Look Inside!

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“Great thing comes in small package”- this seems apt for this expandable caravan which was designed by Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985. It is named ‘The Markies’ or Marquis in English.

This amazing camper has four spacious bedrooms, a living area, kitchen etc. Sounds incredible right? Well there are lots of surprises in store for you!

The Markies won an award at Urban Campsite, a festival in The Netherlands. This expandable caravan has folding collapsible walls with every basic amenities of a real house.

You can take your “sweet home” away with you during your trips. Just fold its sides up and you are almost ready to go!

Here are the sides folded down, how cool is this? What do you think?


Wow! This is wonderful. This camper/caravan when opened up fully turns into a “beautiful” home. Vinyl awnings protect against the weather.


The awnings can be raised and lowered depending on the weather outside.

Want to sleep under a beautiful night sky? Then lift up the darker bedroom awning opening up the bedroom to the stars.


It has four beds with removable dividers for that much needed “me time”. It has every essence of cosiness and comfort for a sound sleep.


The décor of kitchen area is just classy and reflects luxury with all the modern amenities like a Cappuccino machine. Let’s have a cup of brewing coffee!


 Every corner is well crafted to maximize its bus like features with minimum space. Fantastic!


Just have a look at this majestic sink/stovetop combo with wonderful views of the location outside.


If someone gave me the opportunity to stay here for a weekend then I would take it. It looks so cool.

This really is one amazing cool camper/caravan, I have just fallen in love with this. How about you?

Want to see it in action? Take a look at this video, apologies if you cannot understand Dutch as it is a Dutch TV interview but you get to see the caravan being used. Enjoy


[youtube id=”wT5EW01LZrE” width=”620″ height=”360″]


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