It’s Raining Brussels Sprouts… Wait What? There’s A Restaurant In The Air!

Do you love eating out? Do you like eating at fancy posh restaurants? If the answer is yes then you will love this article. Many top restaurants have unique themes and styles but none are as unique and different as this one!

Most restaurants are the same with just a few small differences in the way they operate or the style of the restaurant or the food they sell.

So what we have today is a restaurant that is so unique you need to wear a safety harness to eat in it. This restaurant in Brussels (Hence the Brussels Sprout gag in the title!) is known as the ‘Dinner in the sky’ and is 50 metres above the ground. The restaurant can sit 22 diners which is incredible considering the platform is only 9 metres long and 5 metres wide.


Along with the 22 paying customers there are 5 members of staff serving the food and drinks. The table can be folded up to a space saving 2.5 metres by 6 metres. This makes the platform easier to transport, the weight of the platform is an incredible 5 tons going to 7 tons when it is loaded with pots and people.


The restaurant is basically a table area which has 22 seats and can be rotated 180 degrees while in the air. Safety is paramount and each seat comes with a four point seat belt. You certainly do not want to be falling out of that thing!


The whole restaurant is lifted into the air using a 120 ton crane which has 5 axis. It requires an area of 30 metres to work in and takes two hours to prepare. It takes just one hour to wrap everything up.


The Dinner in the Sky comes with toilets which are on the ground, it takes a minute to get down to the ground for a toilet break. There is also heating, TV screens, lighting and a sound system. People who hire the restaurant can show a custom banner.

The company is also being hired out for various events and they are offering ‘Marriage in the Sky’, ‘Lounge in the Sky’ and ‘Showbiz in the Sky’ deals. This is an incredible and unique business venture and you may not make this place your regular dining establishment but eating out in the air above Brussels at least once is a dining experience I would certainly try.

Dinner In The Sky

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