ITV To Re-start Filming The Benny Hill Show Starring Boris Johnson

Head of comedy at the ITV network has today released a statement that they will start filming new episodes of the Benny Hill show next week to be aired in the new year.

Boris Johnson will replace the late Benny Hill as the lead comedic role in a new series to be called the Boris Hill Show. ITV bosses believe Boris is the ideal replacement after watching him perform as prime minister and the Mayor of London over the last few years.

“Boris is perfect!” Said Ivan Alaff. “Boris plays the hapless clown to a T. He was born for the role. Just look at his performance as prime minister handling the Brexit negotiations with the EU.”

“I mean, who sends a letter asking for an extension, doesn’t sign it and then sends another letter stating that the first letter should be ignored?”

“Either the guys a clown or a nob… we like to think he is a clown and want to capitalise on that talent. It’s priceless comedy, and the best part about it is how much of the British public love him. The guy lies, insults, bullies and breaks the law and yet great swathes of the British public love him. It’s so deludedly beautiful.”

ITV are also very happy to announce that crayon manufacturer Crayola will be sponsoring the new prime time family show planned to go on air at 5:30 Saturday evenings next January.

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