Fearless Free Runner & Adventurer James Kingston Likes To Hang Around… But Have You Seen Where?

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We wasn’t sure what category to put this post in, it is both Totally Cool and Totally Fool, it is also pretty damn amazing what this fella does…. and scary!

Professional Adventurer James Kingston likes to go that bit further than most people, using the GoPro camera he recently filmed himself climbing up to the highest points of the Mayflower Halls at the Southampton University.

A friend filmed some of the footage that you can see in this video but it was mainly self-filmed by the camera that James had strapped to himself.

Climbing a new building in Southampton

James likes to climb ridiculously tall things and defy death. Most normal and sane people would not dare do a fraction of the things he does, he just has no fear and an incredible skill for not slipping… yet.

There are more videos over at his website along with the opportunity to buy things like T-shirts and posters of his crazy adventures if you can call them that.

James has become a celebrity around the world and well known in his home town of Southampton but not everyone appreciates what he does due to the risk and danger that is involved. Not just to himself but to others around or below the things that he climbs.

As well as his death defying climbing James is a free runner, he is often seen running around cities jumping up and off things. Free running is known as Parkour and was born out of Paris when groups of people run around the city jumping up, off and over things as a way to keep fit and see parts of the city they would not normally see when out jogging.

In the video below you can see James free running around Cambridge jumping off high walls and onto scaffolding around the city.

Cambridge Parkour POV

To finish off here is one last video of James climbing a crane in California, the views are breath taking but would you want to do it? I would love to be up there but not sure I want to climb it without any safety harness.

Crane Climb in Hollywood California

Crazy or not, James has some balls and you can see more of the fearless chap here at his website… JamesKingston


two crazy insane crane climbers

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