What Ever Happened To Jessica & Roger Rabbit, Garfield And Other 1980s Cartoon Legends?

This is soooo cool, this had me laughing my socks off.

I loved the cartoons of the 1980s, I was a child of the 80s and I watched a hell of a lot of cartoons including Inspector Gadget, Thundercats, Garfield as well as the classic, ahead of its time, Who Framed Roger Rabbit film with the late great Bob Hoskins.

Jessica Rabbit might have been just a cartoon but she was hot with many grown men actually fancying her. Yes I know right? Still if I was a cartoon I would have done her….well the younger Jessica Rabbit.

In this incredible fun cartoon by Steve Cutts it appears that Jessica Rabbit has not aged well and let herself go a bit. In fact it appears that a lot of the cartoon legends of that era have fallen on bad times since their acting work dried up.
Enjoy this wonderful cartoon then pop over to Steve’s website to see his other incredible artwork and animation.

Where Are They Now?

[youtube id=”BsjwrA_Oo18″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

I feel that there might be another post coming featuring Steve’s artwork, if you enjoyed this video please share this post.
Original Source: Steve Cutts

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