Johnny Depp’s 10 Best Movies Ever. What Is Number 1? You Decide By Voting

After watching several JD films on TV recently we decided in the C&F office to work out which was his best.

This is a list of what we Coolers & Foolers believe to be good ol’ Jd’s 10 best films.

We have spent ages in the office debating which is the best but have not come to any agreement and so we ask for your help.

These 10 films include some of his best loved and craziest characters from The Mad Hatter to Willy Wonka and Glibert Grape to Edward Scissorhands.

He has played Victorian detectives to schizophrenic authors,

JD has done some incredible and memorable parts but which one is the best?

Scroll through the 10 and when you see the one you think is his best film ever, click on the Vote button to register your vote and unlock a very special video.

If you love Johnny Depp you will love this video.

1) From Hell


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