If You Tried To Walk In This Building You Might Get A Sore Head! The Pictures Will Explain Why

If you tried to walk into the building in the picture here you would most likely get a bump on the head. That is because although it looks like some building damage this is actually the work of amazing 3D artist John Pugh.

He creates these fantastic murals on the side of buildings – just check out the great pieces of work below here.

He sums it up better here.

It is important for me, as an artist, to interact with the community, formulating concepts based upon a multitude of viewpoints. Artists must be continually aware that their work can serve as a bridge between diverse cultural backgrounds. Public art is of great interest to me; providing me with a sense of purpose as it is a very powerful form of communication. It can link people together, stimulate a sense of pride within the community, and introduce the viewer to new ideas and perspectives.


John Pugh Mural


John Pugh Mural

John Pugh Mural

John Pugh Mural

Love this one below in the Juvenile Hall Visitors Lobby –  Sacramento, CA

John Pugh Mural



John Pugh Mural



John Pugh

Would you like something like this on the side of your house!? Awesome stuff.

Original source: John Pugh Art

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