You Gotta See This! MIND BLOWING 3D Street Art By Leon Keer.

As you know here at Cools And Fools like to bring you amazing artwork from many different styles. Today we have the incredible 3d street art of Leon Keer from Ultrecht in Holland.

Leon used to create large advertising murals for big multinational companies like Coca-Cola. He has painted all over the world including the United States, The United Arab Emirates, Australia and several countries in Asia.

Leon likes to experiment with many different materials and techniques.

There is a message present in many of his pieces of artwork with many of them being current issues such as environmental concerns.

Leon’s paintings reflect his thoughts and opinions, he wants to get across the diseased spirit of the times that we all live in.

Leon has had his work exhibited in art galleries and shows across Europe.

His street art allows him to enjoying creating the artwork in front of a live audience where he can interact with people and share the joy of painting.

The 3D street art may be temporary and washed away by rain or street cleaners but they live on through photos that are shared on websites like this one and on social media networks.

leon keer 1

3d space invaders, Lausanne Switzerland Source Leon Keer @Global Street Art

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