The Loch Ness Monster LIVES! And Here Is The Proof?

Every one in the world has heard of the Loch Ness Monster – but in case you haven’t here is a little back story about it. The Loch Ness monster or Nessie as the locals call it has been around as a myth for longer than most people may think. It was around the early 1930’s that the “first” reports started to come out about sighting of Nessie.

In actual fact, the first recorded “sighting” was way back in 565 by Saint Columba. The Saint was an Irish priest who was touring the Highlands teaching Christianity. Legend has it that one day while travelling along the side of the loch he came across a group of locals burying one of their friends who had swum out into the loch to retrieve a boat that had come loose from its moorings and had been savaged by a great beast. Columba asked one of his followers to swim out and retrieve the boat and when he did the beast rose from the loch with a mighty roar and went to attack the man!

Since then hundreds of “sightings” have been made, but as with all mythical and magic creatures of fiction nothing is ever conclusive – until now!

Yes, here at Cools and Fools we can bring you “proof” that the giant “what-ever-it” is lurks still in the Loch, (phew, the Tourist board will be happy).

You see, Apple’s cameras picked up this image recently on their own version of Google Maps. Just check below, it is not a ship, it is not a Photoshop edit – it must be Nessie, mustn’t it?

This is the the picture that the Apple cameras took. Zoomed out it does not look like much? But, zoomed in…..

loch ness lives on

loch newss 3

loch ness lives



Here is a snap of arguably the most famous Nessie picture

vintage nessie



Weird isn’t it? And, as we said above. It is most definitely not a ship that has been Photoshoped and removed. It has to be the Loch Ness monster. Please share….

Source: Daily Mail



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