The Long-Term Future of Donald Trump’s New Space Force In Question After New Uniform Reveal

Star Trek Red Shirts Donald Trump's Space Force

Yesterday the new uniform for Donald Trump’s Space Force was revealed to the general public.

Onlookers and journalists gasped and were left visibly shaken as the new uniform was revealed at a special White House press conference.

The president was given several uniforms to choose from but the one that he finally settled on was the one which was in ‘his favourite colour’.

“It appeared more American” he said when questioned as to why he chose that particular uniform.

The audience were left shocked when the President decided that he would nickname his new Space Force ‘the Red Shirts’.

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The long-term future of the new Space Force now hang in the balance after the President’s decision on which uniform to go with.

Experts believe that his decision could end up killing the Space Force program before it has even started. Mr Trump’s reply to that was to shrug his shoulders and call it ‘fake news by false experts’. 

Dr S. Pock a spokesman for NASA said “What was the president thinking? It’s commonly known that when it comes to time in space, people who generally wear red tops do not fair very well. We fear that those who don the President’s red shirts may not live long.”

“I’m hoping that we can get access to the papers the President signed and rub out the tick he put in the box next to the red shirt uniform option and choose a better one”.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult, we know the President doesn’t press down too hard when doing official paperwork as he hates breaking his favourite crayons”.

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