Look Mummy, A UFO Is Hovering In The Woods…. Oh Wait No It’s A Tent!?!?

If while walking through the woods you suddenly saw this strange eerie glow coming from the tree tops you would be mistaking for thinking that you had spotted a hovering UFO.

Well, the truth is a lot more down to Earth with a human origin, what you are seeing here is an incredible new tent that hangs between the trees.

This incredible tent which was designed by UK inventor Alex Shirley-Smith is suspended between trees and solves the age old issue of where to set camp when the ground is littered with rocks, stones, mud and debris.

Not only does it eliminate the problem of camping on unpleasant surfaces it also offers protection against many of the dangerous floor based nasties like bugs, spiders and snakes.

People also enjoy the feeling of hanging around in trees and something that Alex hopes might encourage people to stop cutting trees down in the large numbers they do.

The Tensile as it is called was first thought up in 2010 but the first production model was launched 3 years later in 2013.

In April of this year, a smaller lightweight model was unveiled by the company. If there are no trees around in the camping area they can also be pitched on the ground.

Enjoy the feeling of floating on air.


Can pitch up in some pretty spectacular places.


We come in peace! Climbing into the mothership sorry I mean tent.


Tentsile ‘Connect’ tent April 2014

[youtube id=”WiGJYaVvy1k” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Sleep soundly above all of  the crawlies and forest nasties.


Enjoy breakfast in the trees.


Enjoy a cuppa with stunning views.


More stunning views that you might not get to enjoy due to rough uneven floors.


Sleep amongst big animals without fear of them invading your tent in the middle of the night.


Ideal for people working in forests and woodland.


Scare the crap out of people taking a late evening stroll or walking the dog at night through the woods. 🙂


The Tentsile looks stunning in the air at night.


Tentsile Stingray Celebrates 1 Year 

[youtube id=”g_OtEYLpvuc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

What is also great is that the company plant a new tree every time they sell a new tent.

We at Cools and Fools love innovation and new ideas and this one really gets our seal of approval. Anything that keeps us warm, dry and away from the bugs as well as making us feel like we are floating with stunning views is a big winner in our book.

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Original Source: Tentsile

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