OMG This Is Unbelievable, An Apartment Block Fell Over Onto Its Side! Amazing Pictures.

China is well known for bad building practices and poor construction especially in the poorer rural areas with several buildings and structures collapsing in recent years.

None can be as bad as this though. This was a building collapse on an epic scale and incredibly the building seems to have collapsed as a whole!

This block of riverside apartments in Shanghai toppled over in 2009 but fortunately it was still under construction so the fatalities and injuries was low. One worker was killed but it could have been worse had the collapse occurred after the apartments were sold and let.

It is debated as to what caused the problem, some say it was the soil and others say it was to do with badly built flood prevention walls.

Whatever was the cause no one can get away from the fact that it was bad engineering and poor construction work. The building literally pulled away from the earth and toppled over. This should not happen, ever!

See the destruction below with these incredible pictures and watch the video to see more.


The Cause Of Fatal Collapse In Shanghai





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Original Source: Wonderful Engineering

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