Major Cities Without Lights Are So Damn Eerie! But Stunningly Beautiful.

These pictures are stunning and the work of fantastic photographer Thierry Cohen.

Thierry photographs major cities and records the precise time, longitude, latitude and the angle of the photos he takes.

As the world rotates, the stars that are visible above the cities move to other parts of the planet with no light pollution where they can be seen in all of their clarity and full beauty.

Thierry goes to these places including the Sahara and the Mojave desserts and photographs the night sky.

He then takes the city photographs and combines them with the corresponding night sky photographs matching up the stars to the city skylines.

What he captures and regains is a view lost to modern man due to all of the light pollution that these big cities give out.

These pictures are spiritual and political, with these 24 hour cities full of people breaking natural cycles to work unnatural hours it reminds us that we need to switch off and reconnect to the infinite energy of the stars and the universe.

Take time to really soak up these wonderful images and if you fancy having one of these hanging on your wall at home then Thierry sells these printed on canvasses. Make sure you pop over to his site where you will see more of these extraordinary and stunning pictures.

Hong Kong

hong kong 1

Hong Kong

hong kong

Los Angeles

los angeles 1

Los Angeles

los angeles

New York Brooklyn Bridge

new york brooklyn bridge

New York Empire State Building

new your empire state building


paris 1


paris 2



Rio De Janeiro

rio de janeiro

San Francisco

san francisco

Sao Paulo

sao paulo


shangai 1





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Original Source: ThierryCohen

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