Must See Video! Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth To 3 Babies: Incredible To Watch

dead shark baby sharks

This is incredible footage of a man rescuing 3 unborn sharks from their dead mother washed up onto the beach. A group gathered around to watch with someone fortunately filming the whole event.

We do not know what happened to the mother who is sporting a huge wound under her chin, she might have been attacked or injured from a boat propeller, all we know is that she was carrying 3 unborn babies and someone in the crowd realised that she was pregnant and only just died so the unborn would still be alive.

This is both horrific and wonderful to watch. The man cuts the shark open and pulls the 3 babies from their sacks and releases them into the sea. We do not know if they will survive in the wild without their mother or if they are too young to be releases but what we do know is that at least they have a fighting chance at life. Had they been left in the mothers womb they would have died.

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Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth To 3 Babies Incredible

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