WOW! Man Builds A Million Dollar Underwater Entertainment Room In A Swimming Pool!

Now this is cool, the home owned by Steve Fisher is incredibly impressive. Can you see the entertainment room yet?

underwater room

Steve Fisher lives in Singapore and owns a multi-million dollar home boasting a saltwater eternity swimming pool which goes through the entire bottom level. The downstairs is completely open plan allowing Steve to enjoy the fresh air, the pool the greenery that surrounds his island paradise home as well as watch the boats out to sea.

What is really impressive though is what lies below the ground floor and swimming pool. Steve had built his very own special underwater entertainment room. The room has ceiling to floor windows made from 4 and a half inch thick acrylic plastic which look out into the swimming pool.

Glass would not be strong enough to take the water pressure; these are some of the largest private installations of acrylic panels holding back a staggering half a million pounds of water. The whole home is an architectural masterpiece but the underwater entertainment room is something special in its own right.

So how much does it cost to have a room like this built? Steve spent over one million dollars having the underwater entertainment room built. The cost of the whole house is into several million dollars and well, what can we say… it is a seriously impressive home.

Watch the video below… believe me you will want a room like this! Please share if you think this underwater room is as cool as we do.:-)

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