Waking Up To A Morning Treasure Hunt! How Exciting… Until You See What The Treasure Is!

This is so cool, imagine waking up one morning to an exciting scavenger hunt for treasure!

A girl woke up to find a note taped to her bedroom wall. It was from her dad, she instantly became excited and thought it was going to be a fun trail of clues to something really good.

Not knowing what to expect she excitedly followed the clues which were left dotted around the house.

At the end of the trail she was less than happy with the ‘surprise’ that her dad had left for her.

“Oh what is this?  A note? A treasure hunt! How exciting!”


“Ohhhh where will it end? What will I find?”


“Another one! This is really exciting, I hope it is the new iPhone or maybe it is the new iPad!! So excited now!”


“What the fuck? Thanks dad!”



I guess it wasn’t the surprise she was looking for, her dad is an evil genius and we at Cools And Fools want a international scavenger hunt day where parents all across the globe conspire to do just this.

Set out a trail of clues, some with rhymes and poems getting their children excited only for the trail to end at a household chore.

All treasure hunts need to be filmed and uploaded to YouTube… that would be so great to watch! 🙂

We do not know if she did the dishes or not.

Original Source:  Viral Doza

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