Is This The Most Amazing Model Railway Ever Made? All 9 MILES of it!

Model trains have come a long way since your Dad bought you that Hornby ’00’ gauge set for Christmas way back in 1972. For proof of the development you only have to look at what Bruce Williams Zaccagnino has created.

This is something else. Literally.

He has made the Northlandz model railroad, and it is based in Flemington, New Jersey.

If you are in the area then you really should go and check it out.

This masterpiece (and yes, it is one) took him nearly 16 years to complete. It boosts an impressive 100 trains, 400 bridges and more than 9 MILES of track.

He started the project as most other model railway enthusiasts do – a little venture down in the basement. His wife got involved and helped him created this, they then opened the doors to the public to see it. Since 1997 it has become quite the tourist attraction in the area.

The level of detail in here is incredible – it has over 3000 miniature buildings and also includes a massive 40ft bridge that spans across an entire canyon.

Remember this is all hand crafted – unbelievable.

Since completion it has be recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest of its kind.





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