WTF? You Gotta See This…This Is The Latest Craze In China… Moulded Fruit!

This is one of the strangest things I think I have ever seen yet at the same time I think it is cool.

There is a company in China called Fruit Mould who have come up with a wonderful idea of creating plastic moulds that you wrap around young fruit and vegetables turning them into fun and wacky shapes as they grow.

There is a complete series of these moulds and you will see a variety of shapes and sculptures in a video we have added at the end of the post. It is mind blowing to say the least.

The shapes include hearts, footballs, mini Buddhas and some seriously intricate sculptures that make you marvel at how nature can be moulded into things so beautiful.

Personally I think nature is beautiful anyway and I prefer my fruit to be fruit looking but I cannot help be impressed at these fruits and I also think that these have given a great idea to preventing home growers who do not want to use pesticides or lose fruit to insects. Could they encase young fruit in a plastic protection box?



The Buddha fruit as seen above are encased in the moulds when they are young and they grow into the moulds which forces them to take the shape.


Fruits encased in the moulds are growing into them. Pictures showing different stages of growth.


Heart and star shaped cucumbers along with other shaped fruit are popping up in supermarkets across the country.


I guess it makes fruit and vegetables fun and might get some children to eat them! We in the west could do with them, might help cut down on child obesity issues we are having. 🙂 Click NEXT to see more and watch the video.


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