Man Finds A Creepy Mysterious Room In His Attic Begging The Question: What Was It Used For?

The owner of these photos found a mysterious secret room which was hidden in the attic.

The creepy small room had a fixed single bed with a foam mattress and it begs the question… What was it used for?

Was it used as a panic room? Or did it have a more sinister use?

Looking closely we can see that there appears to be no lock so it probably wasn’t a panic room or a prison.

So what the hell what was it used for?

Maybe a wanted criminal hid from the law in it whenever they came a knocking.

Maybe it was a dedicated room for some … ahemm … sexual fun.

What we do know, is that we do not know what it was for.

These are the stairs up to the attic from the landing.

attic room 1

Look closely and you will see a door right at the far end of the attic.

attic room 2

This is the door with a screen over the glazing panel. It is easy to miss it if you look around the attic fast.

attic room 3

It isn’t the biggest door in the world as you will see when you compare it to the lamp standing close by. It is only 4 feet tall and a 1.5 feet across.

attic room 4

The door open showing the strange secret room, the glazing panel on the inside is also screened over.

attic room 5

The fixed single bed in the room as seen from the door, the room is as long as the bed!

attic room 6

This is a panoramic picture of the whole room from the door. A small window is at the far end with what appears to be an air fan.

attic room 7

Inside the room with the door shut,  notice the strange small ornament shelf in the corner. What was that for? Pictures maybe?

attic room 8

The small uncomfortable bed makes the room look and feel like it is or was a prison.

attic room 9

This is what you would see if you were in the room with the door shut. The only light in the room is next to the door.

attic room 10

So who stayed in this room and why? What was it built for? Would you like to sleep or even sleep in this room?

I know I wouldn’t, it gives me the creeps.

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Original Source: Viral Nova

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