17 Incredible New Photos Of Our Beautiful Planet Earth Taken By NASA

NASA have just released these incredible new images of Earth showing us what a beautiful planet we live on.

There must be some camera or editing trickery going on as there are no clouds to be seen which has resulted in some ‘wallies’ on social media calling them fakes suggesting they are CGI based or photoshopped.

It is 2015, just because CGI exists does not mean it is always used, in fact as it is 2015 and we have the technology to put satellites and spacestaions in orbit, we have the technology to take high definition filtered images!

The best comments I have seen are from the ‘Earth is flat’ brigade… Yes some people believe that the Earth is flat so they say these pics are definitely fake!

Interestingly, everyone is an expert, very few people have seen the Earth from that height but a lot of people seem to know where the light sources should or should not be even when looking at rare angles which just skews perception but hey ho… the internet and social media has given the stupid a way to communicate and spread their stupidity.

Fortunately though, it has also given the rest of the sane world the opportunity to see some wonderful pictures and these are no exception.

What we at Cools & Fools see is a wonderful beautiful planet with no boundaries and land that is not owned by any one or any nation in particular. It is one planet with one human race and so we should love it, care for it and not kill for it… unless it is an invading alien race! 🙂

Argentina, Chile, The Falklands & the rest of South America in the distance

earth 17

Italy, Greece, Turkey and Northern Europe

earth 16

Mexico and Central Americas with the USA in the distance

earth 15

North East Africa and Arabia

earth 14

Europe by night.

earth 13

Northern Australia and the Papua New Guinea islands

earth 12

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