A City Neighbourhood House Made From Shipping Containers? This Is Too Good To Be True!

In previous posts we have talked about different unique ways to build your ‘dream house’. And guess what?

We have found another amazing dream house situated in Denver, Colorado which uses ‘shipping containers’ as the basic building blocks material.

The owners of this wonderful house can enjoy all of the amenities that a modern city house needs and more.


So are you ready to explore this ‘dream house’? scroll down to see more…

Can you spot anything unusual? Unlike the other houses in the neighbourhood this house is built using ‘reclaimed shipping containers’.

I really want to own this modern, elegant and luxurious house, after looking at the rest of the images I bet you would too.


Spread over an area of 2,192 square feet this house is spacious enough for comfortable living. It also has a small garage for parking a car and has a small back garden which is ideal for relaxing in at the weekends.


This balcony seems perfect for those ‘me time’ moments and conversations with your loved ones over a cup of coffee… or two.


Amidst the lap of nature, this spacious house will give you every comfort of a ‘home sweet home’.

You will feel fresh and energetic everyday as the house is made in such a way that will allow fresh air and sunlight to come in in bucket loads.

A perfect start for a ‘beautiful good morning’!


And after seeing the décor and the inside layout, you will definitely say- ‘THIS IS IT’!

This house has all the expected modern amenities and the design and layout gives it an impressive modern, elegant and grandeur feeling throughout.

Also eco-friendly technologies and sustainable energy consumption is something that was not compromised by its builder. This is an eco friendly home.

It is well furnished with Energy Star Appliances which is sustainable and modern altogether.


How about enjoying homely comfort along with fulfilling professional commitments?

This is really easy as this house has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a spacious car parking area and an office.

So now after a tiresome presentation or meeting, you can easily take a quick power nap!  


This beautiful house will also give its owner the breathtaking view of Denver Skyline and Rocky Mountains. Can we ask anything more?


This deck seems perfect spot for that ‘romantic date’ under a starry  sky.


It is truly mesmerizing!

This masterpiece is the brainchild of LoHi Container. Kudos! to their effort for coming up with this innovative concept where technology meets modernity. If you are planning to build your own ‘dream house’ using recycled shipping containers could be one of the best options.

Explore this amazing house further in this video

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Source- wonderfulengineering.com

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