What Is Behind The Bomb Proof Door Of Death? Would You Want To Live Here? What’s Inside Will Blow Your Mind!

So the ultimate dream come true for all “Terminator” fans like me is to find a doomsday bunker retrofitted as luxury condos.

Sounds unbelievable right? Then you will be surprised to hear that this condo is built inside a missile silo which can withstand a nuclear attack.

Oh I forgot to mention it comes with whooping price tag of only $3 million!

 The building is named as  “The Survival Condo Complex,”  It is designed to hold up to 75 people up to 5 years  in its 54,000 square feet which can stretch up to 174 feet into the ground.


These condos are fully furnished with grand kitchens like this.


It has complex features like “video windows” which have feeds to the outside. Well this seems a bit extraordinary as how common people will utilize it.


This living rooms will light up your soul with its perfect cosy ambience. It’s really enchanting.


This building is built by Larry Hall. Its immense popularity led to the construction of second bunker. And talks about doing a third is going on too.


So this second bunker is almost sold out already. What are you waiting for?


You can stay at the event of nuclear war, if you do not get to the bunker before the bomb has been dropped you will resemble the Hulk in every possible way.


SCC is not just a home , it is a community. It has this incredible classrooms and a holding cell for anyone who gets out of line.


It has facilities like the regular power grid but also has wind energy and backup generators as well.


This is the wind turbine.


It also comes with quality security.


To beat off the depression of living in an underground bunker the condo is built to be as ‘fun’ as possible with this great looking swimming pool area.


It also includes a movie theatre, a rock wall, a dog park, and a medical centre. It’s really awesome, it is a small town underground.


These condos are the best example of how strange buildings can be transformed into luxurious buildings like this.


See more pictures of the luxury homes in the video below.

Luxury Survival Condos are high-end disaster shelters built in converted missile silos


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