What These Two Selfless Guys Did For Their Community Is Too Wonderful For Words

homeless washing machine van 16

As we said… too wonderful for words but we will try…

In Australia there is a wonderful not for profit organisation called Orange Sky Laundry founded in July, 2014 by friends Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi. It is run by a team of 7 volunteers and it provides a free to use mobile laundry service for the homeless.

They created a mobile laundry by fitting out a van with two washing machines and two dryers which they then drive around the city of Brisbane giving the city’s homeless the opportunity to wash their clothes and restore some self respect by wearing clean clothing.

The machines can wash up to ten kilos of clothing each, the homeless can wash their spare clothing and blankets giving them the chance to feel clean and have a little dignity while they are in a bad place.

The organisation needs power and water to run the machines which they do not have good access to so for now they are pulling a large trailer behind the van which has a power generator and water so that they can run the machines anywhere and everywhere.

They are trying to secure water and power hook ups in specific locations so they no longer need rely on the trailer and have dedicated meeting places.

Please check out their site here Orange Sky Laundry and below is the incredible story of the creation of the Orange Sky Laundry van.

1) They bought a van and began to remove the internal wall panels to make more space.

homeless washing machine van 2

2) They fitted a new wall lining along with electrical sockets and cabling for the equipment.

homeless washing machine van 3

3) A removable shelf unit was created for storage and for two machines to sit on.

homeless washing machine van 4

4) The power unit and protection box was fitted along with the electrical hook up.

homeless washing machine van 5

5) The inside was ready to be given a coat of orange paint.

homeless washing machine van 6

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